Getting to Know Hua Hin

Hua Hin has a plethora of natural wonders, cultural and Buddhist sites, amusement parks, sporting activities (especially golf), shopping and souvenir opportunities as well as many places to savour fine cuisine. We have listed just 10 recommended attractions as your introduction to Hua Hin according whether they are around town, out & about, shopping locations, amusement parks & recreation or golf course.

We discourage anyone from visiting places which feature animals as entertainment, including riding elephants, monkey or snake ‘shows’.

Around Town

1. Pone Kingpetch Memorial: Visit the statue of Thailand’s first world champion boxer who has been rightfully honoured in his home town.
Where: Downtown Hua Hin.

2. Hua Hin Railway Station: The architecture and history of Hua Hin’s most photographed and identifiable image is a testament to the royal history and heritage.
Where: Downtown Hua Hin.

3. Hin Lek Fai: Set on the highest point overlooking Hua Hin, Hin Lek Fai (flintstone hill) offers the best view point to see the landscape and seascape of the city.
Where: A ten minute ride inland overlooking downtown Hua Hin.

4. Ratchapakdi Park: The huge statues of seven great Kings from the Sukhothai period to the current royal house of Chakri overlook visitors at this park honouring Thailand’s royal history.
Where: Around 5 kilometres south of town just off the main highway.

5. Krailart Niwate Mangrove Preservation Centre: Set in an urban mangrove ecosystem, a reconstructed wetland provides an opportunity to experience this amazing natural environment.
Where: A five minute ride to Kao Takiab south of the town centre.

6. Naresdamri Road: Stroll along a narrow winding road past seafood restaurants jutting out from the coastline with a variety of quirky shops.
Where: An easy walk from the town centre taking as much time as you choose.

7. Nightlife: A vibrant though family friendly main entertainment area is at Hua Hin’s doorstep with restaurants featuring cuisine from many European or Asian origins , themed bars and lively entertainment.
Where: An easy walk along streets adjacent to the downtown area guided by the bright lights of the night.

Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin Beach

8. On the Beach: With Hua Hin’s main beaches are either adjacent to the town centre and rounding ‘stone head’ or south along five kilometres of clean sands towards Khao Takiab.
Where: Access the beach at many locations towards the ocean from the main road.

9. Baan Sillapin Artists Village: This is an arts centre with galleries of arts and antiques, artist studios, restaurant, coffee and gift shop, and classrooms for classes in painting and sculpture.
Where: A fifteen minute drive inland.

10. Khao Tao – A Chinese inspired temple shares this location with an inland lake and small fishing village. The temple has a hillside location with beautiful views over the Gulf of Thailand with Hua Hin in the distance north.
Where: A 20 minute drive south of Hua Hin.

Out & About

1. Mrigadayavan Palace: The Palace was built for Rama VI as a seaside retreat with 16 golden teak buildings linked by walkways in a Thai-Victorian style completed in 1924.
Where: A 20 minute drive north towards Cha-Am.

2. Cha-Am: With a small town charm this is a favoured weekend holiday destination for Bangkokians. On offer is an open beach, fishing harbour with seafood vendors and a very casual and relaxed ambience.
Where: 25 kilometres north of Hua Hin on the main Bangkok Highway.

Kaeng Krachan National Park
Kaeng Krachan National Park

3. Kaeng Krachan National Park: Covering an area of almost 3,000 square kilometres this is the largest national park in Thailand with amazing flora and fauna. The Kaeng Krachan Dam at the northern end and Pala-U waterfall inland from Hua Hin both provide opportunities for scenic day trips.
Where: Pala –U is a drive of around 45 minutes inland, Kaeng Krachan Dam is an hour’s drive north.

4. Pranburi Dam: A wide earthen dam contains a placid and serene lake of over 35 square kilometres. This is an opportunity for a scenic lakeside drive past mixed agriculture fields and the occasional fisherman.
Where: 10 kilometres inland from Pranburi and a drive of around 90 minute south from Hua Hin.

5. Sam Roi Yod National Park: Meaning ‘300 mountain peaks’, Sam Roi Yod offers natural wonders including limestone cliffs, coastal canals, mangrove forests and the Phrayanakorn Cave.
Where: A very scenic one hour drive on the coast south from Hua Hin.

6. Huay Monkol Temple: Wat Huay Mongkol contains a huge image of the Buddhist monk Luang Phor Tuad who lived 400 years ago with scenic surrounds to better understand the Buddhism culture of Thailand.
Where: A 15 kilometre drive inland from Hua Hin.

7. Pranburi & Pak Nam Pran: The coastal region near Pranburi is emerging as prime tourism destination with marinas and promenades along the foreshore developed alongside traditional fishing activities.
Where: Pranburi is 30 kilometres south of Hua Hin.

8. Kui Buri National Park: This is the best park in Thailand to see wild elephants. The main activity is a safari drive with stops at the lookouts. If you love to see elephants in the wild, this is the place to go!
Where: An hour’s drive south from Hua Hin.

9. Wildlife Friends Foundation: The Foundation cares for over 500 animals, including bears, gibbons, macaques and birds. There’s also an elephant rescue program where elephants live out their lives chain-free.
Where: 45 kilometres north of Hua Hin.

10. Monsoon Valley Vineyard: Get to know Thailand’s emerging wine culture at this scenic location with vineyard tours and fine dining available.
Where: A 40 minute drive through rolling hills inland from Hua Hin.

Shopping Locations

Blúport Resort Mall
Blúport Resort Mall

1. Blúport Resort Mall: Boasting a full line-up of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, IT as well as entertainment, Blúport is Hua Hin’s newest and biggest shopping malls.
Where: A five minute tuk-tuk ride south of the town centre on the Phetchakasim Road..

2. Market Village: Hua Hin’s first modern style shopping mall features an outdoor plaza and three levels of shops, restaurants, food court, entertainment outlets and multi-screen Major Cineplex.
Where: A 15 minute walk or short tuk-tuk ride south of the town centre on the Phetchakasim Road.

3. Hua Hin Night Market: This is typical Thai market full of stalls, lights, noise and tourists. The market is not just for shopping but where exotic foods, small bars and seafood restaurants displaying produce on ice, bright lights and people from all over the world can be seen.
Where: Downtown between the main thoroughfare of Phetchkasem road and the Railway tracks.

4. OTOP: As a royal initiative, OTOP or ‘One Tambon One Product’ is a venue for Thai communities to market their produce and for visitors to find unusual Thai products and genuine souvenirs.
Where: Adjacent to the traffic light intersection at the centre of town.

5. Factory Outlets: Premium and Fly Now (FN) offer high end brand name clothing, accessories and golf equipment often advertised with significant discounts.
Where: Various locations along Phetchakasim road towards Cha-Am and further north.

6. Plearn Wan Village: Plearn Wan is a wooden building with a two storey courtyard as a period-style shopping mall selling everything from clothes, inexpensive plastic-and-tin toys, snacks as well as a beauty salon, photo studio, outdoor cinema screen and a mini ferris wheel.
Where: On the southern fringe of downtown Hua Hin and a five minute tuk-tuk ride away.

Venezia Hua Hin
Venezia Hua Hin

7. Cicada & Tamarind Markets: These two venues offer similar but different attractions as weekend night markets created for artists, creators, designers and community through culture, arts and local food.
Where: At the entry to Khao Takiab, a ten minute tuk-tuk ride south of the centre of town.

8. The Venezia: The City of Venice is the obvious inspiration here, including a San Marco’s bell tower replica. This park includes a ‘Grand Canal’ with rides on Venetian gondolas amongst colorful Mediterranean styled shops and terraces.
Where: A 15 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

9. Scene Space: This is a beachfront shopping mall and eatery with a laid-back vibe that combines the philosophy ‘Eat, Play, Stay, Relax’ with a chill environment, swimming pool bars, live music and restaurants.
Where: A 10 minute ride south the city centre on the beach.

10. Saphan Pla: Take an evening sunset stroll along the iconic fishing pier where food stalls offer many tempting treats with cooling ocean breezes, views of the coastline and locally inspired entertainment.
Where: A five minute tuk-tuk ride on the coast north of the town centre.


Amusement Parks & Recreation

1. Vana Nava: This water park is billed as Asia’s first Water Jungle combining state of the art technology and modern facilities with 19 very exciting rides and slides. Where: A 15 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

Vana Nava Hua Hin
Vana Nava Hua Hin

2. Santorini Park: Santorini offers a taste of this Greek island with whitewashed buildings, colorfully painted windows, stone-paved paths and domed towers. Shops, restaurants and an amusement park including a serious water park and Ferris wheel are featured. Where: A 15 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

3. Black Mountain Water & Wake Board Park: Adjacent to the Black Mountain Golf course is a very family friendly water park with rides and pools of all shapes and sizes. There is also a cable drawn wake board park next to the water park for those willing to take to the waters at speed. Where: A 15 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

4. Swiss Sheep Farm: Appealing to visitors wanting to experience a Swiss farm with farm animals in a picturesque setting, this attraction is for families with children or couples looking for photo opportunities. Where: A 30 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

5. Camel Republic: A mix of exotic animals (including camels) and high tech mechanical thrill rides feature in this Moroccan styled attraction.
Where: A 30 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

6. 1,000 Sook Food & Farm: Sook meaning “happiness” is an American style farm setting to feed and pet the animals or play games at the Game Carnival. A tempting variety of Thai style confectionery is on sale as well as a very inviting restaurant for lunch or dinner. Where: A 45 minute ride north of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

7. True Arena: Hua Hin’s premium sports and recreation centre with world class fitness and sporting facilities. Where: A 5 minute ride south of the centre of Hua Hin on Phetchakasim Road.

8. Kite Surfing: The coastline around Hua Hin is well known amongst the international kite boarding fraternity with tutoring and hire equipment readily available.
Where: Access kiteboarding companies on the coast off Phetchakasim Road in downtown Hua Hin.

9. The Sailing Club Hua Hin: This is a family club where everyone can learn to sail from 8 – 80 years. It’s a great place to chill out on the beach with cool shade, trendy bar and a laid back atmosphere. Where: A 20 minute ride north of Hua Hin on the coast off Phetchakasim Road.

10. Underwater Diving: Hua Hin is not known as a diving venue however the islands south are within easy reach and diving schools provide an opportunity to prepare for underwater adventures. Where: Access underwater diving schools located in downtown Hua Hin.

Golf Courses

Banyan Golf Club
Banyan Golf Club

1. Black Mountain Golf Course: A 27 hole, multi-award winning golf resort with the original 18 holes opened in 2007 and in 2017 an additional nine holes added. With an international reputation, visiting golfers always want to play a round at this renowned golfing challenge.
Where: A 20 minute drive inland from Hua Hin.

2. Banyan Golf Club: A very highly rated 18 hole course with a range of special days available. Banyan is a frequent award winner with progressive and welcoming management and a sensational location amongst the hills west of Hua Hin.
Where: A 15 minute drive inland from Hua Hin.

3. Springfield Royal Golf Club: This Jack Nicklaus designed course is a quality 27 hole golfing experience, ranking very close to the best. Landmark features include an imposing clubhouse overlooking a signature closing hole with a must-carry water hazard approach.
Where: A 40 minute drive north on the bypass road towards Cha-Am.

4. The Imperial Lakeview: As the only 36 hole course in the region, golfers have their favourite and less favoured layouts. Course conditions can vary but generally maintained to very acceptable standards. Where: A 30 minute drive north on the bypass road towards Cha-Am.

5. Majestic Creek Country Club: Some five years big improvements to the 27 hole course conditions with new greens and facilities provided a complete make-over to ensure this remains as one of the better regional courses. Where: A 30 minute drive inland and across the bypass road heading south.

6. Suanson: Also known as Sea Pines and part of the Royal Thai Army Sports Centre at Suanson Pradipat, this ‘links-style’ course has an ocean frontage with expansive views of hills and islands. Where: A 10 minute drive south towards Pranburi.

7. Palm Hills: Set within a large residential estate with a backdrop of hills to the west, Palm Hills is unpretentious, honest and user-friendly, even if it doesn’t reach the heights of some competitors. Where: A 5 minute drive just north of the Hua Hin Airport.

8. Royal Hua Hin: Thailand’s original golf course (1927) deserves respect with historic buildings alongside the equally historic railway station. Look out for some pesky monkeys on the final holes. Where: Only minutes from the town centre.

9. Kaeng Krachan: Set in the scenic surrounds of a National Park, this course is a favourite for Cha-Am residents. Not a sophisticated course, but the natural surrounds and relaxing ambience is very appealing. Where: A 50 minute drive north past Cha-Am adjoining the National Park.

10. Hua Hin Korean Golf Club: Formerly the Hua Hin Seoul Country Club and (The Eagle) Milford, this course has yet to achieve its potential with scenic valley and ocean views. Many Korean golfers have made this their home course. Where: A 20 minute drive north towards Pranburi.

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